Transport & Map


Go toward Chongqing under the road interchange in the north of Chongqing north road direction to Chongqing north road 2 segments meet the public security street to turn to the right.
Keep going to postpone the even north road 2 segments to turn to the left to keep the line.Meeting the people's livelihood western road to turn to the left to keep the line can immediately arrive.
Arrive the train station in Taipei to transfer to take other vehicle again
Mass transit|
The fresh water line-double connects stations to get off on foot about 10 cent namely attain
226, 290, 42, 46, 518 red 33, the above bus route connects the station in the market at the double bottom namely attain

Neighboring parking lot| 
The Peng Lai elementary school parking lot(too original road with five original street corner*park the car fee per hour 30 dollars)